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Research Team

Lead Researcher

Post-doctoral Research


Post-graduate Students

Professor Matthew Spriggs



RA & Project Manager


Catherine Fitzgerald

Dr Emilie Dotte-Sarout


Dr Hilary Howes

Andrea Ballesteros

Eve Haddow

Victor Melandor

Michelle Richards


Visiting Fellows


Dr Elena Govor


Project Associates

  • Katherine Aigner, National Centre for Indigenous Studies, ANU and Associate Curator, Vatican Ethnological Museum
  • Ass. Prof. Chris Ballard, College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU
    • Chris Ballard is Associate Professor in Pacific History in the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University in Canberra. He has conducted long-term research as an archaeologist, historian and anthropologist in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and eastern Indonesia.  His current research interests include Indigenous historicities, the history of field anthropology, violence in the colonial encounter, and the community management of cultural heritage.

  • Doctor Geoffrey Clark, College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU
  • Ass. Prof. Bronwen Douglas, College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU
  • Denis Gojak, University of Sydney: The Secret Visitors Project
  • Ira Jacknis, Hearst Museum, UC Berkeley
  • Doctor Gareth Knapman, Colloege of Asia and the Pacific, ANU
  • Ass. Prof. Helene Martisson-Wallins, University of Uppsala , Sweden
  • Doctor Meredith Wilson, Stepwise Heritage and Tourism
    • Meredith Wilson (Stepwise Heritage & Tourism Pty Ltd) is a cultural heritage management and rock art specialist; she completed her PhD at ANU on the rock art of the Western Pacific. She has worked extensively on cultural heritage management by indigenous communities in Vanuatu and Australia, and was coordinator on Vanuatu’s World Heritage nomination project for the listed property of Chief Roi Mata’s Domain.

  • Professor Tim Murray, La Trobe University
  • Dr Sven Ousman, The University of Western Australia
    • Sven Ouzman is a cognitive archaeologist interested in the rock arts of southern Africa and northern Australia. He is also involved with museums and the theorisation of heritage as well as engaged with contemporary archaeology projects concerning graffiti and houselessness. Disciplinary history and politics constitutes  a parallel project to the above research interests.

  • Dr Caroline Phillips, University of Auckland & Archaeological Consultant, NZ
    • My main area of research has been the study of New Zealand Māori settlements, employing interdisciplinary techniques, to address questions such as: how to identify dynamic settlement systems; the mechanisms of interaction spheres; small-scale cultural change and post-contact change; and issues of ethnicity and identity. To this end, I am concerned to explore appropriate theoretical approaches including landscape studies, contextual archaeology, relational studies and historical narratives, with interpretations derived from ethnographic analogy, indigenous Maori understandings and land-use concepts.





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