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Current - Archaeology Research Students

Cameron, Alyce
Thesis title:Qualitative and quantitative methods of determining the short term rate and nature of bone deterioration.

Carter, Chris
Thesis title: Prehistoric Maritime Societies in Northern Chile.

Chiang, Po-yi
Thesis title: Changes in pottery production in relation to increasing social complexity: A case study on the ancient Chengdu plain from 2500B to 600BC

Cobbold, Emily
Thesis title: Methodological Innovation for Integrating Skeletal Material and Objects in Burial

Fitzgerald, Catherine
Thesis title: Modelling Decomposition as a Taphonomic Process

Gerrard, Grayson
Thesis Title: Factoring the Hominin Infant into the Origin of Bipedalism

Griffiths, Ruwangi 'Ru'
Thesis title: The origin of Henges: their construction and cosmological associations in Scotland

Knight, Thomas
Thesis title: Aboriginal sacred landscapes in southern New South Wales

Leclerc, Mathieu
Thesis title: From over the sea or form the island: Provenance study of ceramics from Vanuatu

Marshall, Sylvia
Thesis title: Magyar Origins: a case study in the history of archaeological thought on ethnogenesis

McFadden, Clare
Thesis title: Palaeopathologies and Diet Indicators in Pleistocene Australian Mammals

Meyer, Juliet
Thesis title: Researching taphonomic processes and excavation techniques of contemporary mass graves

Perri, Gavin
Thesis title:Monotremes and the biogeographical history of Australia and New Guinean the late Pleistocene.

Roberts, Phillip
Thesis title:The Archaeology of Diagnosis

Robertson, Sarah
Thesis title: Differential diagnosis of cribra orbitalia at Christ Church Spitalfields via micro-CT analysis

Ross, Ken
Thesis title: The Identity at Death of the Old and Young from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages on the Southeast Asian Mainland

Sarjeant, Carmen
Thesis title: The Neolithic of southern Vietnam

Shaw, Ben
Thesis Title: The prehistory of Rossel Island, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea: The archaeology of interaction and isolation

Solling, Lisa
Thesis title: The nature of Inka sacred sites and ritual.

Spitzer, Angela
Thesis title: Stone Artefact Raw Material Procurement and Knapping Strategies at Olympic Dam, Arid South Australia

Tabrett, Amy
Thesis title:Technological evolution in southern Africa: quantative analysis of reduction at Klasies River Mouth

Taylor, Victor J
Thesis title: The Woolgar Goldfield, NW Queensland: A study of technology transfer and ephemerality

Tybussek, Damian
Thesis title: The archaeological identification of age, gender, and ethnicity: How history and archaeology converge and conflict at Kiandra, NSW.

Wickham, Ross
Thesis title: Emergence of sedentary society


Current - Anthropology Research Students

Adams, Elise
Thesis title: The Colonisation of an Aboriginal Corporation

Anderson, Drew
Thesis title: NGO s Working with Youth in Indigenous Australia

 Armytage, Rosita
Thesis title: The Business Elite: the Creation and Protection of Privilege and Power in Pakistan

Thesis title:Understanding Reasons of School Drop Out Between Elementary and High School Level in Contemporary Rural and Urban Biak, Papua Provence

Betz, Stephanie
Thesis title : TBA

Brown, Julia
Thesis title: Experiences of Self and Health in Schizophrenia Treatment 

Butler, Rose
Thesis title:  In Fairness We Trust: Children, Families and Economic Insecurity

Cann-Evans, Simon
Thesis title: "Learning to walk before we run". What is Good Design: Lessons for Practitioners and Policy Makers in International Development

Chang, Ying-Cheng
Thesis title: Discussing Indigenous tourism from a local perspective

Channa, Razaque
Thesis title: Gender and Education: An Analysis of Educational Text, Space and Gender Construction in Sindh, Pakistan

Chapagain, Binod
Thesis title: Women s social capital in rural Nepal: the influence of male emigration on social institutions, practices and structures

Checketts, Juliet
Thesis title: Regimes of Truth; Curltural Norms and Individual Identity: The Influences That Shape Policy-Making Decisions in an Australian Indigenous Affairs Department

Decobert, Anne
Thesis title: Humanitarian Resistance on the Thai-Burma Border

Desilets, Gabrielle
Thesis title: Transnational Mobility and Cosmopolitan Identifications: The case of young Adult  third-culture-Kids

Dixon, Henry
Thesis title: Prosociality and Market Participation in Vanuatu

Esmero, Nomer
Thesis title: Philippine Rice Program

Fadzil, Kamal
Thesis title: Changing Hearts and Minds : Representation, Participation and the Effects of International Development Aid in Promoting Community Participation in Natural Resource Management Malaysia

Fang, Chun-Wei

Thesis title: Christian conversion among the Bunan

Farhat, Rayyar
Thesis title: Governance in a Palestinian refugee camp

Fisher, Maxe
Thesis title: Speed jeans: Ideas of Making

Foster, Rosemary
Thesis title: Socio-cultural factors in Aboriginal health in settled Australia

Freeman, Phoenix
Thesis title: The lives, experiences and needs of Trans People who access healthcare in the ACT, anc their practitioners.

Gonzales, Diadem
Thesis title: More than Rice Grain, More than Farmers: Rice Farming in Maguindanao, Philippines

Gordon, Elizabeth
Thesis title: Women s Throat - Singing in Tuva

Hansen, Klara
Thesis title: The Riddu Riddu Festival and Sami identity in Sapmi, Northen Norway

Harradine, Mark
Thesis title: Customary Land Tenure in Vanuatu

Hegarty, Benjamin
Thesis title: Globalised transgender and its relationship to political economy in Indonesia

Jakob, Lina
Thesis title: When does the war end? - An investigation into the intergenerational effects of World War II trauma in Germany

Jowsey, Tanisha
Thesis title: Chronic illness time

Kinch, Jeff
Thesis title: Changing Lives and Livelihoods: The Political Ecology of Brooker Island , Milne Bay Province , Papua New Guinea

König, Anika
Thesis title: The Cultural Face of Conflict: Tradition, the Senses, and Identity in Ethnic Conflict in West Kalimantan , Indonesia

Leary, Andrew
Thesis title: Where the Herds had Passed the Night, Where Stood the Tents, Where their Coffeepots had Rested: Tourism, Bedouin identity, change and continuity in Southern Jordan

Le Marseny, Stuart
Thesis title: Social change in Cape York, Queensland

Lillepuu, Saskia
Thesis title: TBA

Maung, Sai
Thesis title: The role of monk in social change in contemporary Burma (Myanmar): a case study of Monk Thamanya (1988-2008)

Mosca, Francesca
Thesis title: The social situation of Romanian Roma in Rome

Murphy, Kevin
Thesis title: Traditions of modernity: trans-Fly Papuans and the Torres Strait Treaty “traditional inhabitant” provisions

Neikirk, Alice
Thesis title: Bhutanese Refugee Experience

Shakuto-Neoh, Shiori
Thesis title: Materiality of ageing among the Japanese retirement migrants in Malaysia

Pezzutto, Sophie
Thesis Title:

Penjore, Dorji
Thesis title: Harvesting the Half: Sharecropping, Subsistence and Subalternity in Samcholing village central Bhutan.

Schultz, Elaine (Lainie)
Thesis title: Interculturality and the New Museology: indigenous self-determination in a culturally hybrid environment

Shah, Faisal
Thesis title: Participation and Participatory Development: A Case of Rural Support Programmes of Pakistan

Skousgaard, Heather
Thesis title:
The Social Construction of Spiritual Value: spirituality in the Pub.

South, Ashley
Thesis title: Contesting Security and Protection in Burma

Stolte, Gretchen
Thesis title: Art and identity production among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists at the Tropical North Institute of TAFE, Cairns, Queensland

Sultana, Fouzia
Thesis title: Politics of “Governance” for Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries: Bangladesh as Case Study

Tan, May Jen
Thesis title:
Teenage Tiwi Islanders and their music.

Tangit, Trixie
Thesis title: Ethnicity and Belonging in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo): The Kadazandusuns

Tashi, Kelzang
Thesis title: Contested past, challenging future: Bon tradition in contemporary Bhutan

Theobald, Simon
Thesis Title : Desiring Perfection: Utopia and its critics in contemporary Iran

Tien, Ching-Ying
Thesis title: Cross-border love triangle between Taiwan and Vietnam

Watt, Elizabeth
Thesis title:
The Origins and Implementation of the Cape York Welfare Reform Trials in Hopevale

Wohlan, Catherine
Thesis title: Economics and Social Change on the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia


Current - Biological Anthropology Research Students

Agmen, Fiona
Thesis title: Conservation strategies for Delacour’s Langur (Trachypithecus delacouri) in Vietnam: Behavioural comparisons and reviewing a release

Cave, Christine
Thesis title: Living with one foot in the grave: The Implications of Being Old in Pagan Anglo-Saxon England

Drake, Allison
Thesis title: Health and disease in a 12th - 17th century Norwegian population: the effects of latitude on past population health.

Fam, Shun Deng
Thesis title: Primate and Mammal Ecology , and Human Devlopment at a Hydroelectric Dam in Borneo

Gilbert, Felicity
Thesis title:Modelling Decomposition in Aqueous Environments to Determine Time Since Death

Gonzalez-Monge, Alvaro
Thesis title: Socioecology of the Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana) in the wild

Hayman, Jarvis
Thesis title: Establishing the post mortem interval in Australian forensic cases

MacFarlane, Nicole
Thesis title:What are the effects of differing water types on the decomposition of bone in aquatic contexts, and what implications does this research have for understanding post mortem interval?

McDonell, Amy
Thesis title: Investigating Infant Subperiosteal Remodelling: A Test of the Growth vs. Pathological Response Models

O'Donnell, Megan
Thesis title : Effects of bushfire exposure on birth outcomes: A life history theory perspective

Watson, Lindsay
Thesis title:  A New Method for determining age ijn juvenile remains from SE Asia

Willis, Anna
Thesis title: Paleohealth & Mortuary Practices in Southern Vietnam

Wise, Frances
Thesis title: Modernising bioarchaeological methods, a study of ancient Egyptian periodontal health.


Current - ICCR Research Students

Andrews, Jilda
Thesis title: Reassessing institutional collection practices with producer community perspectives

Bullock, Veronica
Thesis Title: Weaving a wicked discourse for Australia’s sustainability challenges

Chiu, Tzu Yu
Thesis title: Museum as a Public Sphere: Exploring the Potential of the City Museum

Coghlan, Rachael
Thesis title: Family Learning in (social) history museums

Cut, Dewi
thesis title: Architectural Heritage after War and Disaster: Memory, Emotion and Identity

Deas, Megan
Thesis title: Imag(in)ing Australia: the construction of Identity in newspaper and magazine photography, 1945-1956

Edmundson, Anna
Thesis title: Bridging the Gulf:  the Papuan collections of the National Museum of Australia, 1907 - 2007.

Hayward, John
Thesis title:  From Dynamic to Simple: The Rock art of Mirarr Country, Northern Territory

Lamb, Karina
Thesis title: Objects can speak: Indigenous language and the object in Australian and New Zealand museums

Marshall, Melissa
Thesis title: 21st Century Approaches to the Conservation of Rock Art Sites in Australia: with a focus on western Arnhem Land and the Kimberley Region

McKenzie, Robyn
Thesis title: The String Figures of Yirrkala

Moncrieff, Jennifer
thesis title: How Did Quaker Drapers in Colonial Hobart Negotiate Business and Religion?

Parker, Laura
Thesis title: Police Museums

Perkin, Corinne
Thesis title: TBA

Thornton, Mia
Thesis title: Cultural Globalisation and Citizenship: National Museums in Multicultural Societies

Walton, Alexandra
Thesis title: To investigate the relationship between the fine art print collections and the insitutions of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra and the Imperial War Museum, London

Zhang, Rouran
Thesis title: Value in change :  What Does World Heritage Nomination Bring To Cultural Landscape Sites In China

Past completions:

Thesis title: The Austronesian Migration Hypothesis as Seen from Prehistoric Settlements on the Karama River, Mamuju, West Sulawesi

Argue, Dr Debbie
Thesis title: Who’s related to whom in early Pleistocene Homo?

Barker, Dr Justin
Thesis title: Everywhere but Nowhere: The Lives of Homeless Youth in Canberra

Blakeman, Bree
Thesis title: Getting a Taste, Giving the Feeling: The local theory of morality and value on the Yolngu Homelands

Bowen, Dr Zazie
Thesis title: Play and childhood in rural Orissa

Brooks, Dr David
Thesis title: 'Connectedness to country': Land Tenure and 'Tjukurrpa-thinking' among the Ngaanyatjarra and Pintupi people of Australia's Western Desert

Bulloch, Dr Hannah
Thesis title: In Pursuit of Progress: Narratives of Transformation on a Philippine Island

Chauhan, Dr Khalid
Thesis title: Tackling genderedness in organizations: gender mainstreaming and the public sector organizations in Pakistan

Crockford, Dr Fiona
Thesis title: Contested Belonging: East Timorese Youth in the Diaspora

Curran, Dr Georgia
Thesis title: Contemporary Ritual Practice in an Aboriginal Settlement: The Warlpiri Kurdiji Ceremony

Day, Dr Cathy
Thesis title: Mate choice in rural England in the 18th and 19th centuries

Dibden, Dr Julie
Thesis title: The pigment art of the Woronora Plateau: a study of the graphic construction and archaeological context

Dong, Dr Thanh
Thesis title: Ecology, social organisation and conservation of the Tonkin snub-nosed langur

Fijn, Dr Natasha
Thesis title: Living with Herds in Mongolia

Fountain, Dr Philip
Thesis title: Translating Service: An Ethnography of the Mennonite Central Committee

Gilligan, Dr Ian
Thesis title: Ice Age climates and clothing

Gonzalez, Tony
Thesis title: The Pariah Case: Some notes on the origin and evolution of primitive dogs – an introduction

Gould, Dr Jacqueline
Thesis title: Being in the Black: the business of development in Northern Australia

Grace, Dr Anna
Thesis title: '"It's not about luck": The Production of Australian Elite Athletes'.

Huffer, Damien
Thesis title: The Ties that Bind: Population Dynamics as Approached Through Mobility and Family Structure during the mid-Holocene in Northern Vietnam

Hyndman-Rizik, Dr Nelia
Thesis title: At My Mother's Table: Migration, (Re)production and Return Between Hadchit, North Lebanon and Sydney

Jacob, Jessie
Thesis title: The Early Anglo-Saxon Assimilation of Previous Cultural Landscapes in South East England

Jagger, Dr David
Thesis title: Talking with the ‘right’ people: The capacity for community development to improve conditions in Australian Aboriginal communities

James, Dr Bentley
Thesis title: Time and Tide in the Crocodile Islands: Yan-nhangu History, Society and Marine Identity

Jose, Dr Lisa
Thesis title: Dress and gender in Iron Age Italy

Knudsen, Dr Magne
Thesis title: This is our place: Fishing families and cosmopolitans on Negros Island, Philippines

Kononenko, Dr Nina
Thesis title: Obsidian tool function and settlement patterns during the Middle-Late Holocene on Garva Island, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Leasor, Dr Heather
Thesis title: Effects of ecotourism on the Proboscis monkeys and other primates in the Kinabatangan Conservation Area, Sabah

Macgregor, Dr Oliver
Thesis title: Reduction mechanics and stone artefact variability

Mackay, Dr Alex
Thesis title: Examination of technology and settlement in South Africa during the Late Pleistocene

Markham, Dr Amanda
Thesis title: Aborigines: landscape and national parks

Mayo, Dr Kevin
Thesis title: An anthropological study of himalayan Pilgrimage

Morgain, Dr Rachel
Thesis title: Re-crafting the self: contemporary paganism, sociality and transformation

Mottram, Dr Mandy
Thesis title: Continuity versus cultural markers: results of the controlled surface collection of Tell Halula, North Syria

Munro, Dr Stephen
Thesis title: Human evolution and associated fossil mollusc remains

Palmer, Dr Blair
Thesis title: Big Men and Old Men: Migrant-led Status Change in Buton, Indonesia

Raftery, Dr David
Thesis title: Sustaining Quality: An Anthropology of fine wine production in the Clare Valley, South Australia

Ramlee, Hatta
Thesis title: Distribution and Ecology of Four Sympatric Leaf Monkey Species in Baram Region, Sarawak

Rawson, Dr Benjamin
Thesis title: Behaviour, ecology and conservation of the yellow-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus gabriellae) and black-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus)

Reepmeyer, Dr Christian
Thesis title: The obsidian sources and distribution systems emanating from Gaua and Vanua Lava in the Banks Islands of Vanuatu.

Richardson, Dr Norma
Thesis title: Site formation processes, Kenniff Cave, Queensland

Rochelle, Dr Bryan
Thesis title: 'Digging Up Culture': An Ethnography of Culture & Civilisation in Minahasa, Indonesia

Sager, Dr Steven
Thesis title: The Sky is our Roof, the Earth our Floor: Orang Rimba Customs and Religion in the Bukit Duabelas Region of Jambi, Sumatra (download)

Schaffarczyk, Dr Sylvia
Thesis title: Anthropological perspectives on ethnographic collecting by Australian colonial administrators in Papua New Guinea and their contribution to museum collections

Segi, Dr Shio
Thesis title: Struggling to survive: conservation and exploitation of coastal marine resources in the Philippines

Smith, Dr Catherine
Thesis title: War, Medicine and Morality in Aceh: An Ethnography of 'trauma' as an idiom of distress

Taylor-Alexander, Dr Samuel
Thesis title: TBA

Truong, Dr Trung
Thesis title: Empowerment through Community-Driven Development in Vietnam.

Westaway, Dr Michael
Thesis title: The later stages of human evolution in Australasia: comparing Ngandong and the Willandra

White, Dr Daniel
Thesis title: Field study of Sichuan snub-nosed monkey

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