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School visitors and visiting fellows


Dr Debbie Argue  Campus Visitor (29.06.17)

Dr Robert Attenborough  Visiting Fellow (31.01.18)

Emeritus Professor Peter Bellwood

Dr Doreen Bowdery  Visiting Fellow (30.11.18)

Bridgewater, Peter Academic Visitor (31.10.17)

Dr Hannah Bulloch  Visiting Fellow (19.12.17)

Dr Paul Burke  Visiting Fellow (17.04.18)

Dr Shirley Campbell  Visiting Fellow (31.12.17)

Dr Adele Chynoweth   Visiting Fellow (18.04.18)

Emeritus Professor Graham Connah  Visiting Fellow (31.01.18)

Dr Georgia Curran  Visiting Fellow (30.04.2018)

Ms Pip Deveson    Visiting Fellow CDHR (31.12.17)

Dr Michelle Eusebio  Visiting Fellow (30.09.17)

Mr. Ian Farrington  Visiting Fellow (31.01.18)

Dr Don Gardner  Visiting Fellow (31.12.17)
Research interests: Social theory, Melanesian societies, cosmologies in historical perspective, cultural response to material conditions.

Dr Andrew Glikson  Visiting Fellow (2018)

Dr Chris Gregory   Honorary Associate Prof. (D) (31.01.2021)

Emeritus Professor Colin Groves
Research Interests: Nonhuman primates, human evolution, mammalian taxonomy and biogeography, animal domestication

Dr Louise Hamby Visiting Fellow (30.06.18)

Dr Jarvis Hayman  Visiting Fellow (31.05.18)
Continuing research is based on a Ph.D. thesis completed last year in which was detailed a method of determining the time since death in human bodies found decomposed in Australian conditions up to 14 days after death. Most methods are only able to estimate the time since death up to about 2 to 3 days.
It is important to publish the results of this research in the scientific literature. Further research is required in order to ascertain if it is possible to incorporate the major factors affecting human decomposition in a formula, so that the length of time that the estimation of the time since death can be determined, can be increased.

Dr Gail Higginbottom  (16.05.18)
Research interests: Landscape archaeology, archaeoastronomy, megalithic monuments, history of archaeological theory, phenomenology, belief systems, heritage interpretation and the uses of archaeology.

Dr Melinda Hinkson Campus Visitor (29.09.17)
Research Interests: Aboriginal Australia; history of anthropology; media anthropology; visual anthropology and visual culture; cultural transformation; culture and personhood.

Ms Christine Huber  Visiting Fellow (30.01.18)

Dr Mary Hutchison  (31.12.2017)

Dr Caroline Ifeka   (30.11.2018)

Dr Ina Kehrberg-Ostrasz  (14.05.2018)

Dr Margot Lyon  (31.01.2018)
Critical medical anthropology, including comparative biomedical systems and theories of sickness and healing; the anthropology of pharmaceuticals, particularly changing patterns of medicine use in developing countries; emotion and social theory; embodiment and emotion; Island Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia; globalisation and change.

Dr David Martin  (16.02.18)

Dr Erik Meijaard  (31.12.2017)
Dr. Erik Meijaard is a Senior Forest Ecologist with The Nature Conservancy - Indonesia. He is a member of the IUCN/SSC Deer Specialist Group and the Great Ape Subsection of the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group, and Regional Coordinator for Asia and member of the IUCN/SSC Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos Specialist Group. He is collaborating with Professor Colin Groves on a number of projects including studies on the morphometric variation in Bornean Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) and Bornean Elephant (Elephas maximus) and in the longer term they plan to work on a book about the mammals of Sundaland.

Dr Mary-Jane Mountain  (15.02.2018)
Dr Mountain is pursuing research interests in Melanesian archaeology, taphonomy, post-glacial European archaeology.

Dr Ladislav Nejman  (29.05.2018)

Dr Mahesh Radhakrishnan

Dr Anthony Redmond  (31.12.17)

Dr Denis Shine  (12.09.17)


Dr Lorna Tilley  (31.12.17)
Research Interest: examining a contextualised apporach for identifying and interpreting health-related care provision in prehistory.

Dr Frances Woods   (19.09.2017)

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