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The Australian National University

Ms Frances Wise

Position: PhD Candidate in Forensic Anthropology


Thesis title: Modernising bioarchaeological methods, a study of ancient Egyptian periodontal health.

My research interests include ancient dentistry and medicine, palaeopathology, forensic anthropology, and the bioarchaeology of ancient Egypt and it’s neighbouring civilisations. My Master’s thesis, titled A comparative study of dental pathologies in Predynastic and New Kingdom Egyptian skeletal remains, was written at the University of Manchester and combined my undergraduate study background of Egyptology, medicine, and bioarchaeology into an interdisciplinary research project.

My current research follows the topic of my Master’s thesis. This PhD includes a case study of ancient Egyptian dentitions over the migration, hierarchical development, and agricultural intensification occurring in the Nile valley from the Predynastic period to the New Kingdom. The research for this study incorporates the use of a new diagnostic method for the determination of periodontal disease in skeletal and mummified remains, developed in the thesis. The disciplines of forensic and bioarchaeological anthropology are currently lacking a composite periodontal methodology adapted from modern clinical methods. My research presents this new method independently to address the present deficiency, and tests the method in field and laboratory settings for the case study of ancient Egyptian periodontal health. 


May 19th, 2009 - A comparison of dental pathologies in Predynastic and New Kingdom Egyptian skeletal remains, at the Reconstruction of Life in the Skeleton annual International research conference in the National Research Centre in Cairo, Egypt.

November 30th, 2011 - Modernising palaeoperiodontology, looking back and moving forward,  at the Human Biology: Through the Looking Glass 25th annual ASHB International Conference at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

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