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The Australian National University

Professor Francesca Merlan


Position: Professor of Anthropology


Phone: + 61 2 6125 8228

Research interests

I have done research over many years in Northern Australia, where I have been interested in changes in the lives of Aboriginal people who have moved into regional towns (Merlan 1998). A major emphasis in my work with people of Northern Australia has been their changing relations to what they consider their countries, or home territories, and to towns. Over this time I have been involved in the processes (land and native title claims) by which the state has sought to regulate and restore indigenous associations with land. It has been one of the bases of my theoretical interest in socio-cultural transformation and our attempts to model and understand it (Merlan 2005a).

My research in Northern Australia is also part of what informs my interest in the political culture of liberalism (e.g., the engagements of the Australian state with indigenous people). This has been the germ of wider comparative interest in different modes of landedness, and changes in association with land, in the context of differing political cultures.

I have done research in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea (Merlan and Rumsey 1991), where the lives of people have clearly changed under outside influence, but where relations to land largely remain outside the sphere of state regulation and the land itself under indigenous tenure.

My most recent field research has been in southern Germany in a region of Bavaria where farming remains very important, ideologically and as livelihood, and where many see themselves as having deep-rooted relations of indigeneity to specific local areas and villages; nevertheless, the long-term process of exit from agrarian occupation has continued apace. I have attempted to describe how people see and deal with this, and to theorise in terms of the notion of an `illiberal’ political culture the ways in which people here attempt to limit the effects of change (Merlan 2004 and current project). This of course has required engagement with an historically and culturally complex set of issues in relation to the wider German and European setting.

Going on from this most recent project, I intend to continue and widen my research into `post-agrarianism’, by which I mean the (widespread, differentiated) phenomenon of disengagement from landed and agrarian livelihoods and the consequences of this for our contemporary world.

Publications (referred to, recent, forthcoming)

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March 30, 2009.

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Appears in A.J. Strathern and P. Stewart (eds). European Anthropology Series. Durham, North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press.

Current project, with publisher. Farm and Field: The Political Culture of Agrarian Exit in Southern Germany.

In Press/Forthcoming:

Ordinary Ethics and Changing Cosmologies: Exemplification from North Australia. In M. Lambek, ed. Ordinary Ethics: Anthropology, Language and Action. New York: Fordham University Press.

Child Sexual Abuse: The Intervention Trigger. In Culture in Crisis, M. Hinkson and J. Altman eds., University of New South Wales Press.

Courses currently taught

ANTH2057/ANTH6057 Culture and Person
ANTH2056/ANTH6056 Belonging, Identity and Nationalism 
 Explanation and Interpretation in the Analysis on Cultures
ANTH8034 Advanced Issues in Anthropology
ANTH8007 Key Concepts in Anthropology of Development
ANTH8006 Social Mapping and Community Politics
ANTH8019 Practical Studies in Social Analysis
ANTH8042 Migration, Refugees and Development

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